Salon Serenade
 Baroque Serenade displays the joy, playfulness and wonder of repertoire for baroque lute in conjunction with the violin and the viola. All the music in this program has been arranged or adapted from music for another instrument.  Sylvius Leopold Weiss    Sonata in B flat major for viola and lute    (viola part reconstructed by Karl-Ernst Schröder)        Adagio - Allegro - Grave - Allegro  Johann Sebastian Bach    Suite in C major for viola BWV 1009    (originally for violoncello)        Prelude - Allemande - Courante - Sarabande - Menuet I & II - Gigue  Johann Sebastian Bach    Suite in G minor for lute BWV 1001    (originally for violin)        Adagio - Fuga - Siciliana - Presto  Sylvius Leopold Weiss and Johann Sebastian Bach    Sonata for violin and lute BWV 1025    (originally for harpsichord and violin, utilising a sonata for lute by Weiss)        Entree - Currante - Rondeau - Sarabande - Allegro - Menuet
 An evening in a Viennese Salon with three instrumental friends. A marvelous program guaranteed to delight with very special guest, René Schiffer on violoncello.  Pierre Porro    Grand Trio, extrait de Mozart (K. 309) for violin, violoncello and guitar  W. Matejka    Serenade concertante Op 22 no. 2 for violin and guitar  Fernando Sor    Variations on a theme by Mozart, Op. 9 for guitar solo   INTERVAL  Ludwig van Beethoven    Duett mit zwei obligaten Augengläsern in E flat major for viola and violoncello  Niccoló Paganini    Terzetto concertante for viola, violoncello and guitar